Why Espresso Coffee is the best

Coffee: origins and meaning

Coffee is a very common beverage all over the world, obtained by grinding and infusion of the seeds of the coffee plant. This plant, native to Africa, has had a worldwide spread thanks to the European colonial expansion of past centuries. Today coffee is a drink that is part of the daily life of many people, and is appreciated for its aroma and flavor.


Espresso coffee: the perfection of taste

Espresso coffee is a particular variant of coffee, born in Italy during the twentieth century. The main feature of espresso is its preparation, which takes place through the use of a special machine, which allows you to pass hot water through the ground coffee very quickly and at high pressure. In this way you get a drink with an intense and full-bodied flavor, characterized by the presence of a creamy foam on the surface.


Why espresso is the best to drink

Espresso is considered the best to drink for many reasons. First of all, its particular preparation allows you to obtain a drink with an intense and persistent taste, which enhances the aroma of the coffee. In addition, espresso coffee contains less water than other coffee-based drinks, which makes it less diluted and therefore tastier. Finally, espresso coffee has a higher caffeine content than other coffee-based drinks, making it ideal for those who need some extra energy during the day. For all these reasons, espresso coffee is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a good coffee.

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